YiHi SX475J

* New ultra thin and mini intelligent chip

* Joystick Control Technology

* Runs to 75W with DC-DC, buck-boost technology

* Micro USB onboard charging single battery/1A.

  • Overview
  • Specification
  • Wire diagram
  • F&Q

                                                                   If you need sample to test please email us Cservice@yihiecigar.com

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Download more spec and info about SX475J: 

SX475J updated-2-16.rar

SX475J 1100x450(1).jpg

Wire diagram

1. Q: Does the SX475J chip support dual-battery mod?

A: SX475J chip only supports single battery mod.

2. Q: What is the maximum output of SX475J chip?

A: SX475J chip can reach to max 75watts.

3. Q: There are 2 fire buttons for SX475J Chip? What is the other one for?

A:  Yes, there are 2 fire buttons for SX475J chip, one is a remote fire button we just added up recently, Please check the updated info on our website. If you do not need this remote fire button, it is also okay to cut it when assembling.

4.Will you send silicone gasket (to hold the joystick control tight) along with the chips? Is the joystick controller metal component for sale?

Yes, each chip we will send one silicone gasket. And the controller metal component is for sale, please contact our sales representative for more info.

5. Q: Can I use the SXmini firmware to upgrade my mod? The Version is the same anyway.

A: The firmware on YiHi site and SXmini site are different,  please use the correct firmware to upgrade your device. 

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