Company Profile

YiHiEcigar is the trend Leader of Vapor world.

We are the Biggest and the most professional Chip Manufacturer in 

China with more than 8 years of experience. 

We only focus on Vapor industry. 

Mr.Chen (Boss and R&D Director) and his Software&Hardware team devoted their great enthusiasm to innovate more Useful, Smart and Affordable products for vaporizer.

End of 2011, we published subversive technology- Variable Voltage and Wattage 3-6 volts or 3-15 watts respectively,which now became the main trend among intelligent E-cig.

2011, Developed a new Technology that products can be used with either Single or Double batteries. Representative "Vamo n &"Zmax”

2012, we released "SVD"

June 2013, Invented of Gravity Sensor and Shaking control System. Our Patent of invention. Representative" Legend “

Dec, 2013, YiHi SX220 22W&SX200 20W chip be experimented successfully. "Seven-22'* powered by SX220 & "Sigelei 20W" powered by SX200.

Feb, 2014, YIHI SX350 35W, the 2nd generation Intelligent chip, has been worldwide released. It is another revolution In Vapor industry. Buck-Boost&Boost available, be able to handle subohm 0.2ohm, By-passed (Mechanical Mode), Upgradable from 30W to 35W or more...

Only unexpected, no impossible. We only believe in Interest. Passion and Devotion.

Continuous Innovation is our Mission!

Address:  Zhongtian Fiber Building,1th district Sujiu,Eastern Industrial Area,Changping Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.
Contact Person:   Cari Zhang     Tel:   86-769-89175388, 18680087570     Fax:   86-769-89175386     Email:   Cservice@yihiecigar.com


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